Caller ID, also known as calling line identification, is a telephone feature that displays a caller's name & number on the called party's telephone. Traditionally, this required a separate caller ID box for a landline phone, or a mobile phone with caller ID service subscription.

Our service exclusively offers Facebook users the first 100% web-based caller ID that does not require any subscription or additional equipment to find out who just called you. You must be logged in to Facebook to access Caller ID.

To find the caller ID for a number, enter the full number (10 digits with area code and number). We will provide, at no cost to you, the actual caller ID for the number. This is exactly the same caller ID that shows up on a landline phone with caller ID service. If you already have caller ID, our service will show the same information. "Wireless Caller" or "City, State" will often show up for caller's identification.
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To use our free service, you must authenticate with Facebook and agree to our Terms & Conditions. Use of this service is limited to lookup the Caller ID of a number that called you. You may not publish the caller's name in any form.

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